Handling Defective Product Injury Claims in Illinois

If you or your loved has endured serious injuries from a defective product, seek legal help from a well-established personal injury law firm. Product liability claims are especially challenging. Proving fault often hinges on highly technical product specifications and industry standards.

For more than 25 years, I have helped clients obtain a substantial amount of compensation to cover the medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering associated with catastrophic injuries from defective products. I am an experienced personal injury attorney with the skills and determination to prove fault in highly complicated product liability claims.

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Preparing Product Liability Claims For Trial

From my law office in Alton, Illinois, I devote substantial resources preparing every personal injury case to be successful in trial. I focus on incorporating as many facts as possible to prove fault in a wide range of produce liability claims, involving:

  • Auto defects — such as faulty seat belts and airbags, defective tires and unsafe equipment
  • Defective medical products — such as faulty medical equipment and unsafe prescription drugs
  • Unsafe industrial products — such as defective conveyor belts, faulty manufacturing equipment and defective construction materials
  • Defective consumer products — such as dangerous toys and baby cribs

I start my investigation into product liability claims consulting a network of experts, including engineers and product safety experts. I also work closely with industry specialists to understand what made the product fail.

Part of my work includes determining if the manufacturer failed to respond to prior complaints. I also consult bio-mechanical scientists and medical doctors to understand the extent of damages the faulty product caused. My detailed approach often prompts insurance adjusters to make large settlement offers, knowing I am well-prepared to prove fault and illustrate the extent of damages in trial.

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Contact my law office today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. I offer evening and weekend appointments, and I am available to make home and hospital visits, when necessary.