Advocating for Injured Workers in Illinois

Workers are prone to suffer repetitive stress injuries after repeating the same tasks over a prolonged period of time. Eventually, the nerves in the wrist or elbow become compressed, causing significant pain, weakness, numbness and tingling. Left untreated, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, tendonitis and other repetitive stress injuries can lead to permanent nerve damage.

To qualify for Illinois workers’ compensation benefits, we must prove your repetitive stress injury is work-related. This can be particularly challenging. Insurance companies are known to deny workers’ compensation benefits, claiming the injury is not work-related. For more than 25 years, I have effectively handled workers’ compensation claims throughout Illinois. I am prepared to overcome any obstacles in an effort to help you obtain as much compensation as possible.

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Advocating For Injured Workers

Insurance companies and their doctors often claim a repetitive stress injury was misdiagnosed or stemmed from a pre-existing condition. I am an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer prepared to overcome this challenge.

I consult medical specialists and ergonomic experts to develop compelling legal arguments. Specially, I work with them to illustrate how your job duties have caused you to suffer from a repetitive stress injury.

You can qualify for workers’ compensation, even if your prior medical condition such as diabetes or obesity made you prone to suffer from a repetitive stress injury. In this circumstance, I am prepared to prove your work duties aggravated a pre-existing condition, limiting your ability to work.

Pursuing Fair Compensation For Injured Workers

From my law office in Alton, Illinois, I have extensive experience dealing with the insurance companies, that are known to delay or deny benefits for repetitive trauma injuries. I will carefully examine your case to determine the best course of action in pursuit of the benefits you need and deserve.

For more than two decades, I have been focused on helping injured workers obtain full and fair compensation for their medical needs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and other expenses. This remains my commitment to you.

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