Helping Injured Workers Pursue a Full Recovery

If you were in a work-related accident, immediately report your injuries to your employer. Insurance benefits can be denied or dismissed if the claim was not filed in a timely manner.

For more than 25 years, I have advocated for workers from my law office in Alton, Illinois. I can help ensure your claim is accurately filed in a timely manner. When you enlist my law firm, you gain the benefit of my experience and my commitment to helping you maximize the amount of workers’ compensation medical benefits you obtain.

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What Are the Next Steps After an Injury Is Reported?

Once your injury is reported, you have the legal right to select two doctors to review your medical condition. Your employer’s insurance company will advocate for you to be evaluated by their medical doctor to determine if you are physically able to perform your job.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are focused on saving money. They often hire doctors more committed to protecting their bottom line than providing quality care. I will fight hard to overcome this challenge and make sure your medical condition is evaluated by a doctor of your choosing.

Ultimately, a doctor will give you an impairment rating, which defines the severity of your medical condition or the level of your physical restrictions. The higher level impairment ratings result in larger settlement offers. After a doctor determines you have reached the maximum level of improvement, you may be entitled to a lump-sum award for a permanent disability.

Pursuing Fair Compensation For Injured Workers

I have more than two decades of workers’ compensation experience in Illinois. I am prepared to help you obtain full and fair compensation through challenging the medical provider’s assessment of your injuries. I will also advocate for an independent evaluation.

I am committed to helping you obtain as much compensation as possible for your lost wages, medical needs and other expenses. I will not let insurance companies overlook any mistakes made on their part or reject any legitimate claims.

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